"Many of the mistakes of architecture in our time are due to the fact that judgements are formed on the basis of economy alone...
...as the nation reconsiders its values, should the places we build express what we share rather than aggrandize who we are?"
- from Architectural Record Magazine
"I look forward to a world where every building is designed. Every building has the mark of an architect and every person can wake up to a beautiful home, a well-planned city, a human school or workplace...
I look forward to a world where people care about architecture again."
- Eric J. Cesal
from An Architect in Search of a Practice
"The eye ought to see, at the same time, every part of the building, and be sure that one part of it interferes with another... Strength, convenience, and beauty, are the principal things to be attended to."
- Asher Benjamin (author, builder, architect)
from The American Builders Companion